About The Chesapeake Bay Guide
Back in 1990 I started helping out with compiling a database of boat ramps and any other water access places, like marinas, for a fresh water fishing club.  What you see today is the result of that work.

In 1995 the Chesapeake Bay Guide was officially started.  The site was first hosted on AOL's server in the members.aol.com section, which is now AOL's Hometown section.  We outgrew that space quickly and had to move on.  At that time Broadband Internet was just starting out and I was one of the first to have a Comcast Internet (@Home) account.  Their free web space was the next home of my site.  At that time I decided on calling it The Chesapeake Bay Boating Guide.

It didn't take long for them to notify me that my site was exceeding their bandwidth limits so I had to find a new home for my site.  At this time I started thinking about a domain name for the site.  I thought of many things before settling on "thebayguide.com".  Also, while expanding the site I was including information that would be useful to all, not just boaters.  So, I dropped the "Boaters" from the name and The Chesapeake Bay Guide was reborn.

In mid 1998 I bought the domain name and secured web space with One World Hosting.  OWH has been very good to TheBayGuide.com and OWH now hosts all of our web sites.

The Chesapeake Bay Guide has served more than 5 million pages since teaming with OWH.  The site has grown every year.  From the databases of information to the Monthly Contests to the ever growing Discount Club.  We want this site to be your one stop site for all your bay needs.

I hope the future years will be even better than the past years.  I hope to have this site online for a long, long time.  With your support and help we'll be here.  Providing you with everything you need.

Thanks for your support, and Happy Boating!

Lee Yeaton
Owner & Webmaster

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