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Welcome to  A boater's complete guide for boating into Baltimore's Inner Harbor.  You'll find information on the city docks, marinas, things to do and see and much more.

Our site has been online for less than a month and already we have been receiving complaints about boating in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.  Some very angry boaters have emailed us thinking we are affiliated with the city of Baltimore, we are not.  But, keep sending those emails, good or bad.  We'll keep them and try to do what we can to make Baltimore the friendliest port on the Chesapeake Bay.

Please Click Here to take our latest survey, Is Baltimore boater-friendly?  The survey is confidential, your personal information, if you choose to enter it, will not be shared.  

The Dockage Information section contains detailed information on every marina in the Inner Harbor.  It also contains detailed information on using the cities piers, docks and anchoring.

The Getting Around Section is all about getting around the Inner Harbor.  Whether you have a dinghy or need the water taxi or prefer to bike you'll find all the information you need in this section.

The Fuel & Services section let's you kow where all the fuel docks are and the nearest service yard.

The Things To Do section provides information on local events, tours, shopping, sporting events and more.  We even have links so you can purchase tickets to any local event.

Other Information is full links to information and businesses inside and outside the Harbor..

Our Photo Tours Section is full of photo tours of the entire harbor.  See the entire shoreline in our galleries of high definition photos.

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