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What is The Bay Guide's Discount Club?  Boating is expensive and we at The Bay Guide are boaters and we love to save money.  A discount club is a perfect fit to this guide.  We want to offer our visitors the best deals on the best marine products and services around the Bay and online.  From discounts at marinas and fuel docks to restaurants and other marine services we would like this to become the place to save money, and with your help it will. 
Why use The Bay Guide to offer discounts to boaters?  This is the online source used by more Chesapeake Bay boaters.  We are focused locally on the Chesapeake Bay and have been since 1995.  More and more sites rely on The Bay Guide for their boating information.  Recently National Geographic's Traveler magazine featured information from The Bay Guide twice in an article about the Chesapeake Bay.  We have the traffic and we can help promote your business and increase sales. 

Why is our club better for your business than other Discount Clubs? Simple, more members.  The other clubs out there charge their members a fee to join and we don't.  Our club is free for all visitors to our website.  Our website offers boaters the information they need, and they keep coming back.  No other website offers visitors what we do.  Plus, with the addition of, and and not to mention our Monthly Contests, Monthly Newsletter we expect traffic and awareness of this program to increase substantially. 

What exactly are we offering?  We are offering marine businesses targeted advertising on  This site is the resource most boaters and clubs use for information.  We offer you an ad with your companies logo and business description with a hyperlink to your website in our discount section.  Your ad will get seen by the Chesapeake Bay boater, sailor, fisherman and anyone that loves saving money around the Chesapeake Bay.  In addition we added a new Discount Program section to our monthly newsletter to increase awareness and help promote this new program.  We will also be marketing this program separately on the Internet as well as boat to boat on the Chesapeake Bay.  Remember, we are boaters too, and we are out on the Chesapeake Bay every weekend promoting our guide.  Also, if you sell your product in bulk, or are looking for a reseller or a local distributor our site is used by Bay area businesses as well as boaters, so your ad will get seen by consumers and marine businesses. 

What are the discount requirements?  The discounts are totally flexible and up to you.  If your offering a flat percent off we require at least a 10% discount.  If you would like to offer free shipping, multiple ordering discounts, and /or group buys of your products that is fine.  If your a marina you can offer transient discounts like a certain percent off, free cable or free electric.  The discounts are up to you.  We just want to help out our visitors by saving them some money and help out local businesses by increasing their business.  But remember, the better the discount the better the response. 

How much does it cost?  Absolutely nothing!  What have you got to lose? 

Anything Else?  Yes, there is one more thing, and it is free too.  You will also get your regular listing upgraded.  This includes moving your existing listing out of the alphabetical index where it now resides to the top of the page with your logo, a link to your discount ad, and a link to your site.

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