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There is more to this site than just me typing code all the time and snapping photos.  A lot goes into keeping the site up to date and adding new features.
One World Hosting

The company responsible for all my hosting needs.  They offer great packages at a low cost.  Tech support is top notch.

Port Networks

I work a lot from my boat in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.  For my access there I use Port Networks.  They offer high speed wireless access throughout the Inner Harbor.  If you are docked there or visiting the Inner Harbor I highly recommend their service.

Comcast Broadband

At work I use a split T-1 connection with a dedicated speed of 512 mbps.  At home, where  do most of the work on the site I have broadband access through Comcast.


We link to a lot of online charts. They are courtesy of Maptech.  They also offer land maps, air maps and topography.


Sometimes we need street maps so we rely on Mapquest.  A very useful site for finding maps.  It can also give you door to door driving directions.

Hardware Used:

I started designing the site on an Intel Pentium 1 running at 75 Mhz. but we now use a custom built Pentium 4, 2.4 Ghz machine with 1 gig of ram.  A Sony 3.2 megapixel camera is used for all our photos.  An Epson scanner is used for our other imaging needs.  While traveling I use either a Toshiba laptop or a Dell laptop.

Software Used:

Windows XP Pro is my OS of choice.  I use a variety of html software to create the html pages.  From Notepad to Word to Frontpage to Dreamweaver I use it all.  But for on the fly html editing I use Netscape Composer from version 4.72.  For all the image work I use a software suite from Micrografx.  For certain cases I break out the powerful Adobe Photoshop.  I use CuteFTP for all my FTP needs.

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