Hampton, Virginia

Located in the Hampton Roads metropolitan area, Hampton, Virginia offers an abundance of things to do, places to see, and a delightful selection of dining and shopping options. This area is deeply connected to several bodies of water including the James River, Warwick River, and the Chesapeake Bay. Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Newport News aren’t far off, making Hampton an epicenter of excitement for residents and vacationers.

Things to See and Do

In the bustling downtown area, you will find attractions like the Air and Space Museum, and the city is brimming with activities in the summer months. The Coliseum is the city’s most famous landmark and is a popular venue for shows and events. Visit Fort Monroe to see the old fort and lighthouse or head to the Phoebus neighborhood and check out the American Theater. If you love the outdoors, a visit to Sandy Bottom Nature Park is in order.

Dining Options

The city’s dining scene offers something to delight all tastes. Seafood, barbecue, and Asian cuisine are just the beginning. Whether you want a convenient meal or an elaborate dining experience, there’s always a new place to try. Many chain restaurants can be found on Mercury Boulevard while local options await in the Phoebus neighborhood.

Shopping in the City

The city offers several shopping centers including Peninsula Town Center, Coliseum Square Center, and Coliseum Crossing. You will also find local antique shops and thrift stores waiting to be explored. Whether you want to shop local or buy brand name, you can find what you are looking for here.


Sandy Bottom Nature Park
Photo Credit: Ryan via Flickr CC2.0
Fort Monroe
Photo Credit: Ed Ellington via Flickr CC2.0
Sandy Bottom Nature Park
Photo Credit: Ryan via Flickr CC2.0
Peninsula Town Center
Photo Credit: Ryan via Flickr CC2.0