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Chesapeake Bay Boat Rentals

The Chesapeake Bay Boat Rental Guide

Since savvy vacationers from around the world know boating in Chesapeake Bay can be exciting and liberating, the popularity of renting a boat in the Chesapeake Bay area exemplifies one of the lost favorite water sports for avid boating enthusiasts. In fact, boating in the Chesapeake Bay area affords any boating enthusiast the opportunity to experience the ultimate boating adventure to explore 12 miles (19 kilometers) narrow passage of natural beauty.

Situated on the Eastern Seaboard, Chesapeake Bay is the largest estuary in the U.S. Moreover, you and your fellow boaters can rent a boat and explore the best the Chesapeake Bay has to offer. Approximately 200 miles (323 kilometers) long, the estuary and its surrounding wetlands are consisted of brackish water in which you can fish for catfish, finger mullet, shrimp and more fish species that thrive in the large body of water that has a tad bit more salinity than any body of freshwater.

And, you can find other wildlife species such as the American crocodile, crab-eating frogs, saltwater crocodile, oysters and other species living in bodies of brackish water in the area.

Spanning 8,000 miles (12,800 kilometers), the historic estuary’s shoreline is a top tourist attraction to which many travelers flock. In essence, the Chesapeake Bay is America’s most popular estuary. That is why people from all walks of life book hotel rooms and Chesapeake Bay boat rentals to take advantage of the many exciting and fun outdoor adventures that await them.

No matter what season you stay in the Chesapeake Bay, there are many boating opportunities that are available… Charter an entire vessel, Captain your own boat, join other tourists on a public cruise… The choice is solely yours!

Cove Cruise Excursions:

Book a guided tour with a U.S. Coast Guard-licensed boat Captain and explore the scenery and discover the wildlife as you and other outdoor adventure enthusiasts along the Chesapeake Bay. Consider booking a memorable tidal shore excursion while staying in the area.

Duffy Party Boat Rentals:

Each Duffy boat has the amenities that you expect, and demand: full window enclosures and a full canopy top, built-in cooler and an on-board stereo system with Bluetooth. Because its your party, you may bring your own music, beverages and food onboard.

Because any U.S. Coast Guard-licensed Captain can see how exciting and fun cruising the brackish waters of the Chesapeake Bay is to tourists like you, you owe it to yourself to check out the availability of Duffy party boat rental that is right for you. All guided or self-guided boat rides hold 10 passengers or less and are scheduled for 90 minutes of cruising in the Bay.

Pontoon Cruise Excursion:

You can take a guided sunset adventure with an experienced Captain or book your own boat out for a private cruise. From family reunions to an outing with a group of friends, booking a pontoon cruiser is perfect for any family-related even or group of adventure seekers. Designed to hold a large number of passengers, a pontoon cruiser is custom-designed for your pleasure.

Scenic River Cruise:

How often have you taken a scenic river cruise along the Chesapeake Bay? Without doubt, booking a scenic river cruise is an experience that will last a lifetime. While you cruise the Bay, you can relax and unwind with other passengers and check out the many natural beauty and wildlife in the Bay area. Let the Captain guide you and your fellow passengers. You have better things to do… like enjoying the scenic river cruise, listening to good music, eating a delicious meal and drinking your favorite beverage.

Small Boat Handling Class:

If you are a boating novice, consider taking a class and learn the basics of handing a boat on water. Obtaining the skills to handle the wheel of a 13’ Boston Whaler is not as difficult as you may think. Each class session is limited to two boating student per hour, making the opportunity to learn the basic skills to handle a boat a great investment that benefits you the next time you go boating… on your charter boat.


For your convenience, here are a few boating companies in the Chesapeake Bay area;

South River Boat Rentals
Phone number: (410) 956-9729

The Tides Inn
Phone number: (804) 438-5000

VB Boat Rentals
Phone number: (757) 464-2628

Safety First:

For your safety, the U.S. Coast Guard requires each boat to be equipped with approved safety equipment including a functional life jacket or a personal flotation device (PFDs) for each passenger, local chart and a VHF radio. In fact, contact an experienced boater or the local U.S. Coast Guard for any recommendation with which you can plan a safe and enjoyable boating adventure.

But most of all, all Chesapeake Bay boat rentals are supervised by U.S. Coast Guard-licensed Captains who make your safety and best interest their top priority.

Happy Boating:

Before book a boat, it is imperative that you take the time to check out each and every deals and offers for Chesapeake Bay boat rentals. There are many destinations about which you ought to be aware: the Northern Neck of Virginia, Deltaville, Cape Charles, Tangier Island, Onacock, and other popular areas in the Bay.

In addition to taking scenic cruises in the Bay, take advantage of other activities like fishing in any body of brackish water in the area. In Chesapeake Bay’s tidal tributaries, join other anglers in catching striped bass, catfish, shrimp, and other fish species lurking in the brackish water in the vicinity.


You can rent a boat and and explore along the tidal shore of the Bay. You can go to the Bay anytime of the year and see something different each time you visit. During your stay, do not forget to check out the wildlife: ducks, ospreys, rock fish, snowy egrets, crocodiles, striped bass, frogs, blue crabs, and other interesting wildlife.

To make a well-informed boating decision, take the time to check out all the deals and offers for Chesapeake Bay boat rentals that you find and determine the one that is right for you. You will be hard-pressed to find a more enjoyable activity in the Chesapeake Bay than boating. Plan the ultimate boating adventure n the Mid-Atlantic area and make your Chesapeake Bay getaway a memorable boating adventure of your lifetime.


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